Heart Sounds International exists to help ignite biblically appropriate and culturally relevant heart worship in places where Christ-followers are restricted, persecuted or unknown. 

Heart Sounds International sends teams around the world to do projects that are Christ-centred and encourage the development of culturally relevant worship. Projects happen predominantly in non-Western locations and where the mission of the local church is limited by external factors (cultural, political or economic).

HSI works in partnership with churches, ministries and mission organisations with vision, commitment and involvement fueled and informed by local communities, in order to help fulfil the Great Commission and see spiritual maturity developed in believers through their worship and arts expressions.

Partnerships can result in audio and/or video recordings, principles of worship sessions, songwriting workshops, concerts or other arts related events, and media production training.

Services We Offer

1) Technical Services including media production

2) Songwriting & Arts Workshops; Worship Theology Training

3) Leadership Training in media production and music and arts in mission

4) Research on the artistic culture of a region or people group

Benefits of an HSI Project

  • The empowering of local artistic Christians to become community leaders using their existing skills and local resources to further the Gospel
  • The Gospel expressed through mediums immediately recognizable, understandable and usable by the local community
  • The development of specific resources to fuel the spiritual growth of the local body of Christ
  • Possible discovery of previously unknown felt needs in a community or misunderstandings of the Scripture
  • The growth of partnerships and mutual encouragement among local artisans, musicians and church leaders who may not have otherwise met or worked collaboratively

Planning for a Project

We place a high value on partnership when we participate in a project. Commitment and leadership from nationals is vital to work together effectively.

Each project is unique to the location and situation. A typical overseas project generally takes one year to plan and involves two to six people on site for seven to ten days. HSI desires to walk with you every step of the way to design a project that is most effective for you.

Download a full description of what we offer and our frequently asked questions here.