‘I thought that singing in Swahili and praying in Swahili was the only way that God could hear me, but I understood through this seminar that any language that is spoken by any tribe, God can hear, understand and answer their prayer.’

Joseph M., Tanzania

‘We have sung many songs in our own native places, and those songs were composed by somebody else, and we used to just copy and sing, and they were not very meaningful. But during this week, we have felt that, from the Scripture, we were able to compose, by your guidance and encouragement and motivations. And these songs are really mighty, anointed ones, and when we sang them, we felt the glory of God in us. At first, we were confused—how were we going to compose directly from the Scriptures? … But you have shown us how to make the songs, and it has really encouraged us, and now we are so glad that when we go back, we will continue to make the songs and teach our churches. … It was amazing.’
Pastor M., South Asia (edited for clarity)

One day I was praying and God told me, “There are some people who will come from far away.” We saw a vision of praise and worship within the body and I didn’t know where these people had come from. I thank God that He fulfilled His word and now we are here.’

Samuel U., Tanzania