HSI, in partnership with Tanzanian-based Habari Maalum Media and College, is holding a regional gathering to network and grow in audio media, songwriting, and biblical worship. This forum will be a place for sound engineers, pastors, musicians and missionaries in East Africa to be encouraged by one another’s creativity and expertise through discussion forums, teaching and creating together.

The media specialists who come will be challenged with new ideas and techniques to authentically record and broadcast these new creations. The artisans will come together to meet the challenge of creating new artistic expressions of worship that will reach the hearts of East Africans in ways previously unknown.

Some topics to be covered include:
• What the Bible does and does not say about worship, arts and media
• How to produce quality songs and other arts with solid theology and culturally relevant content
• How to work with traditional instruments in the church
• Best practices for recording outside of the studio
• How to create media programing that is meaningful to your audience

For more information or to register, visit Habari Maalum College’s website.


You can help! $150 will provide one scholarship for an artisan or media specialist to attend the Forum.