Heart Sounds International together with Habari Maalum Media and Habari Maalum College, bring you a conference for pastors, artists, gospel musicians, media specialists of different kinds, and community leaders.

He has given us a Spirit of Skill, Knowledge, Understanding, and Craft. (Exodus 35:31)

Dates: 20-23 August, 2019

Place: Habari Maalum College, Ngaramtoni, Arusha, Tanzania

At this conference, participants will learn better ways to praise and worship God both in church and outside of church, easy tools for creating and promoting traditional music, discuss issues related to worshiping God biblically, ways pastors and artists can use specialized media to convey messages that can be produced inside and outside the studio, and much more! Sessions will be facilitated by specialized experts from Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi, Finland, and the United States. Along with all of this, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about and share with their fellow experts from various countries both inside and outside of East Africa. 

The media specialists who come will be challenged with new ideas and techniques to authentically record and broadcast these new creations. The artisans will come together to meet the challenge of creating new artistic expressions of worship that will reach the hearts of East Africans in ways previously unknown.

For more information or to register, visit Habari Maalum College’s website.


You can help! $150 will provide one scholarship for an artisan or media specialist to attend the Forum.


Join us to pray! There are two ways to pray for this event. See details and sign up here.